Dataroad was elected to guarantee "Unlimited" computer services and support to CrownPier SA, always guaranteeing the proper functioning of its information systems with an unlimited monthly computer assistance contract.

Crownpier is dedicated to providing insurance brokerage and advisory services.
To do this, the company has the most suitable tools to make a correct management of all the risks that both people and organizations have to face every day.

We are proud to be your IT partner, supporting you whenever problems, doubts or issues arise related to your IT network and posts.

DataRoad supported the client in the deployment and installation of Windows Server 2016 and Active Directory configuration in the migration of its previous server to a server with SQL Server 2016 and Remote Desktop Services.

Computer services provided to the client:

- Computer support to users;
- Windows 2016 Server installation and configuration;
- Windows 2016 Server management and administration;
- SQL Server 2016 management and administration;
- Implementation of Backup solutions;
- Computer services and computer assistance;
- Redundancy solution in Internet access, fail-over and link aggregation;
- Installation of computer networks and configuration of computer networks;
- Installation and maintenance of wireless networks;
- Management and administration of remote desktop services and VPNs;
- Permanent remote computer support;
- Installation of solutions that add value and new features in the IT area.

We thank the customer for his choice of DataRoad IT specialist services.

DataRoad presents itself as a company with specialized know how with several certifications from several manufacturers in the computer science area, installation of computer networks, computer security and professional services of computer science for companies. With a specialized team and several projects already carried out in the areas of computer support, installation of computer networks and management of IT parks for companies.

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