• Dataroad guarantees its customers the best solutions and services in the informatics area

    Created by an experienced team, certified and with wide years of experience in the areas of management and integration of information systems, computer security and computer networks in large companies

  • Does computer problems limit your company's proper functioning?

    Get to know our services and solutions with support plans and total computer support for companies
    Support Solutions and Professional and certified computer assistance for companies

  • Ensure the best maintenance and computer assistance tailored to your company's needs
    Unlimited services with a fixed monthly cost to forget about computer issues

    Unlimited assistance plans for local, remote and telephone assistance with displacements included and without additional costs and/or loyalty. Available: 24h x 7 365 days

  • Computer installation Services for companies, change of installations, new offices and expansion of business computing networks by cable or wireless

    We have a highly qualified, experienced and certified technical team

  • Network installations and structured wiring for companies, fiber and business networking solutions

    Installation and maintenance of networks, network installation projects and wiring
    Projects of total installation and certification of structured computer networks

  • installation, management and maintenance of wireless network solutions for companies
    Wireless access with installation of access points with management, security and optimization

    Ensure stable, professional and business wireless access for your company

  • We provide computer consulting as well as maintenance of computer systems for companies

    Professional services, so that they focus on your business and forget about computer issues
    Specific solutions for each customer, appropriate to their needs
  • Monitoring and Alarmística of your computer systems 24h x 7-365 days
    Remote monitoring of computer systems, servers, services and network, backups with alerts and immediate remote interventions against eventual failures of services

    We guarantee remote monitoring 24 hours 7 days a week and 365 days a year
    Proactive services that guarantee the maximum efficiency of the company's computer park

  • We guarantee the best computer security policies for companies
    Protect your company's information, ensure the best security of your data

    With a specialized team, several certifications and with wide years of experience in large companies in the field of computer security, we guarantee the best solutions for companies

  • Installation and maintenance of voice solutions and IP switchboards for companies
    Cost reduction in communications, pre, mobility.

    Global IP Voice solutions designed to tailor the needs of each customer
    Does your company already have a voice solution under IP?
  • Is your company's information safe and secure?

    Are the jobs properly protected with antivirus and firewalls?
    Are there backups of data and information in case of failure? Internet Access redundancy?

    Ensure the best solutions with remote monitoring, local and remote backup systems.
    Our services guarantee the maximum efficiency and security of the company's computer parks

Some of our partners and certifications at the disposal of your company:

Some of our services in the informatics area

We have a specialized and certified technical team in the field of informatics, with wide years of experience in large companies in the areas of implementation of systems, installation and configuration of networks, computer security and maintenance and integration of Computer systems, as well as in the support of the user.

  1. Management of the entire computer area of the company

    We manage the entire computer park of the companies, ensuring its proper functioning and its proper maintenance. Whether on-site, telephone or Remote assistance. Punctual assistance and unlimited monthly computer maintenance contracts. For companies to forget about computer problems and focus on their business.

  2. Unlimited monthly computer support for companies

    We have available covenants support and computer assistance Unlimited For companies, no time limit, travel included and without loyalty with monthly or quarterly payments.

  3. On-site, remote and telephone computer assistance

    We provide local, remote and telephone assistance in case of any questions or problems that may arise. We thus guarantee a quick and efficient response to our customers ' problems with we have immediate response to the problems presented.

  4. Installation of computer networks and structured wiring

    Network implementation projects, wiring and backstage. Implementation of wired and wireless networking solutions. Specialized team and certified in the installation of structured networks. We support customers in the change of installations as well as in the installation of the entire computer network.

  5. Internet Access Redundancy Solutions

    Ensure that your company has a permanent and flawless Internet access. We proceed with the installation and configuration of redundancy systems in the Internet access of companies, ensuring that in the event of failure your company will never be without access to the Internet.

  6. Disaster recovery backups and solutions

    We implement data backup solutions and restoration solutions in the event of a disaster of the computer systems. We work with manufacturers that ensure that their data is properly safeguarded in the event of failure or disaster.

  7. Voice solutions under IP-IP PBX phone Centers

    Installation and configuration of voice solutions under IP
    Cost reduction, mobility and multi-channel inbound and outbound calls
    Installation of IP and GSM voice solutions. Installing IP phones and Softphones

  8. IP Surveillance Video Solutions

    Installation of cameras Videovigilancia IP
    Remote access, recording

  9. Cloud Solutions

    With a high number of references and success cases across the country, we differentiate ourselves in the market by the ability and competence in the implementation and management of the main Cloud scenarios, where we highlight:

    • Provisioning and implementing Cloud architectures (Private, Public, and Hybrid);
    • Replication Solutions (on-premise to cloud/cloud to on-premises);
    • Cloud Service-based productivity solutions;
    • Training for IT administrators and contributors.

    Additionally, we complement these transformation initiatives with our managed services portfolio, empowering organizations with the necessary management to meet new challenges, namely:

    • Cloud Services brokering;
    • Consulting and administration;
    • Monitoring and Alarmística;
    • Management and reporting.
  10. Specialized computer Consultancy and advice

    We provide computer advice and specialized technical information for the best solutions of our customers. We guarantee the best choices in the due solutions to the problems presented.

  11. Audit protection and computer security

    Protection of workstations, servers and networks. We guarantee the best solutions for protection and security of information, as well as in the security of communications and company data. Dataroad has certified and experienced technicians in the area of business computing security, having participated and supported several customers in the security and protection of their information.

  12. Technical certifications of manufacturers at your disposal

    Our technicians have high experience in large companies, having technical certifications of manufacturers obtaining specialization in the area where they operate.

  13. Monitoring and Alarmística computer systems

    Remote monitoring of computer systems with Alarmística.
    We guarantee that your computer systems are monitored remotely in case of faults or anomalies.
    The Dataroad team ensures that the problem is resolved by ensuring immediate and brief SLAs.

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